Cork products Nature provides it... ...we make it style innovation, original designs and variety
shirt, skirt and shoes
made from cork


Easy to


Light as a

Very soft and

Only portuguese cork
the best quality and craftsmen


Know more about the material

Where are cork

Portugal is the world cork leading producer, with more than 50% of cork producing share. The cork industry in Portugal employees more than 12.000 people and represents more than a billion euros a year in exports of products. Portugal has the best craftsmen who work with cork and an increasing group of designers that are integrating cork in their line of products.

What is cork

Cork is the bark, the shell, or the "skin" of the cork oak tree, that makes it a 100% natural plant material. This "skin" its extracted every 9 years form the tree, a natural process that does not harm in any way the tree, and the tree is NOT CUTED in the extraction process. This skin grows back in the tree and can be "re-extracted" about 17 times per tree, makes cork a very sustainable material.

Why cork

Cork is a recyclable, natural product that can replace all types of materials such as plastic (not eco-friendly). Its a very durable, elastic material that can be applied in a wide variety of daily purposes. Its lightweight, elastic, soft to the touch, water proof, liquid and gases proof, hypoallergenic and it's very easy to clean. Cork is a fire retardant material, and also a sound and thermal isolator.