How to buy online?

Step 1 Select the Product(s) desired

Access to the pages of the product(s) and select the one(s) you want.

Step 2 Add to shopping cart

Click on the shopping cart image to start the purchase process of the product(s) you want to buy, the fact of adding an item to the shopping trolley does not necessarily mean it will complete the purchase, this is only done after the step 4 is finished.

Step 3 Make the purchase

After adding the product(s) selected to your shopping cart and have your session open, you can click "shopping" and thus access to the purchase of the page where you can complete the purchase in 3 steps:

To make the login you only need to provide the email and password you put in the registry.

Step 4 Finalize the purchase

  • Step 4.1: Shopping cart

    • Check all the information of the items that are in the shopping cart;
    • This step can always "go back" to the site and add more items to shopping cart.
  • Step 4.2: Data and payment

    • Check your data from order to delivery (always put your full address with the respective postal code);
    • Please enter the mode of payment you want. For each of the payment methods being will give you instructions on how to proceed.
  • Step 4.3: Confirmation

    You should check all data relating to your purchase and if they are all in agreement with what indicated can click "finish order". By clicking and just when you click "Checkout" to purchase is made. You will receive an email with all the details of your purchase you can also check later in your area.

Step 5 Receive the item(s)

After making the purchase and that it be validated by us your order will be shipped to the address indicated.

Step 6 Purchase Info

You may at any time verify the purchases previously made in your area.